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Marine Grade Outdoor Teak Furniture Sealer Pint

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Marine Grade Teak Outdoor Furniture Sealer Pint

  • Consists of one (1) can (pint) of clear Teak Sealer

  • Teak sealer waterproofs and protects teak. This durable protectant maintains a protective coating through winter, eliminating the need for deep cleaning. Teak wood sealant goes on easy, dries quickly, and provides a non-slip finish.

  • Keeping exposed teak looking its best is challenging. Varnishes aren't ideal as the natural oils in this wood can cause blistering or peeling. Most common teak protectants are solvent and linseed oil based, and oxidize over time. The oxidization of surface oils causes teak wood to appear weathered or gray.

  • Teak sealer contains UV protection and a mildewcide to eliminate these problems. It can also be used to seal other woods such as cedar, oak, and pine, though you will need to varnish over it on those woods to achieve a glossy finish.

  • Long lasting natural looking protection. Lasts through the season and can be renewed without deep cleaning or stripping for years! Repels water without being slippery. Relieves the drudgery of constant teak maintenance. Known the world over as the best protection for teak.

  • Learn about Teak & its care: Teak Care & Maintenance

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